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Exercise Update

Marathon is 4 Weeks Away…

I did not have a good last two weeks since I set this goal. Most of it was the record heat still (we are still in the 90s here… how stupid is that?) And I am not going to a gym.

First week I planned to do 49 miles, did just under 40. This week I am about the same pace, but running a live 5K tomorrow evening, the first live run since this pandemic started. So that should be fun.

Next week I ramp up the milage and the running, see how that goes.

So my goal is still the same. Get to the race, start the thing, and finish the thing.

Right now I should be fine for the first 20 miles or so. I should be able to hit around a 12 minute mile pace for most of that, if not a little better. (My 5k pace is under ten minutes per mile and that is with walking.) Hitting a wall won’t be a problem, I know how to avoid that, but legs and feet will be the problem for the last six miles. So the last six miles will be a very moderate walk with some attempts at running.

But even with the slower ramp-up the last two weeks, I still think I will be fine. But only four weeks to the run and I will spend most of the days ahead of the run doing nothing but resting and stretching.

Again, the goal is to start and to finish. Nothing more. That’s enough pressure at this point.


    • dwsmith

      That thought just made me shudder. I have myself a well-lit, perfect-sized desk area, great chair, surrounded by six large computer screens and a lot of books and sticky notes. I exercise to get away from the screens.

  • Kat

    My husband is out right now running his virtual NY Marathon. Strange times, but finding a way. Good luck with the training, and the race, Dean!

  • Cora

    Thanks for all the inspiration Dean. Not only with the writing, but the exercise and also just the generalized crap that’s going on. I’ll be virtually cheering you on race day.

  • Susan D

    Go dean! And bravo – I had the under the desk pedal thing when I was working at the office last year. So not fun!