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Well, Next Week…

Kickstarter Seems to Have Forgotten Us…

Said our campaign would be approved by the 15th. Nope. It is now the 16th. I don’t think there is a problem, just they seemed to have gotten busy or something. First time in 15 times that has happened.

So now the 2020 Holiday Spectacular will launch next Tuesday, if they approve it. Not sure why they wouldn’t, but you never know these days. It is 2020 after all. (grin)

So I’m going back to finishing up some writing and editing this weekend plus exercising. Turned in a book yesterday to WMG, like to finish up a couple more.

Did seven miles today, even with a lot of errands. Doing a 5K on Saturday evening, the first live race of the year. All kinds of precautions, but still should be fun.

So bummer we didn’t get the Kickstarter launched this week. Not the end of the world.

And three more days and I will hit 3,000 daily blog posts without missing. Go figure I could do anything that regularly for that many years.