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First Live Race of the Covid Time

Really Fun. Same, Yet Different…

Small group, all social distanced at the starting line because they had been sending groups off for hours ahead of us. Temp checked when we checked in. It was a run in the dark with great street lamps on the course except for about a block, that part was pitch black. With a pond on one side, so kind of scary as well.

And for me it was too warm. I have no idea when this heat wave here is going to break, but got a hunch when I am freezing this winter I am going to wish I hadn’t complained about the heat so much. (grin)

But fun to be back doing things like these 5K charity runs again.

My pace, with very short short walking stints, was about 11 minutes per mile. I was very happy with that considering three good hills in the course. One we had to go up twice.

Still way short of where I need to be as far as conditioning and weight for the long run in four weeks, but gaining on it. I won’t be ideal, but I should be able to finish. And for a 70 year-year-old guy doing a marathon, I’ll be happy with finishing. (And maybe being able to walk the next day.)

So now off to finish a short story.