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The Heat…

Yeah, Stupidly Hot!

Here and all over the West, plus in a bunch of places in Europe.

Don’t worry, most of us here in Vegas are set up for the heat. 110 to 115 and 5% humidity. We just don’t go out much in it. We have our cars in an indoor parking garage for our building. So yesterday, for example, I went to the grocery store after dark, had to walk in 105 degree heat from the car inside the store and then back to the car. Actually felt good coming out of the air-conditioning in the store.

Kris today had to go from the car to the health club in the sun and then back to the car.

That was it. Now granted, there are a lot of homeless and others who are suffering, but this city does a good job getting them out of the heat and into shelters and there are fifty or sixty cooling shelters all over the valley.  Also the people in this valley think nothing of breaking out a car window if there is a pet left in a car even for a moment in this heat.

And the people in our building have booties for their dogs to take them out for a walk. Some of them are stunningly cute and fun.

Workshop this next week with the writers coming in today (Sunday). They will get to a taxi or ride-share, be dropped off at the front door of Resorts World, and not leave for four days until going back to the airport.

Biggest problem is 5% humidity. With the heat, you are drinking water all the time even inside. And don’t even try to wash a car’s windshield even in the shade. It’s a comedy routine.

So thanks to some of you for worrying. I am more concerned about the heat in the Pacific Northwest if it gets up there. They are not prepared like we are.

Today (Sunday) here we are going to attempt to match the highest temperature ever recorded in Las Vegas: 117 degrees F.

Death Valley will be over 130, approaching the all-time high there of 134.  I think we will level out at 116 or so. Those of you coming in for the workshop, safe travels and do not stand outside for more than a few minutes for anything.

And drink water. All the time!  Good luck to the rest of you in Europe and in the Pacific Northwest. From a person who has been hospitalized for heat stroke, trust me, you don’t want it.



  • Vincent Zandri

    This is precisely why I stay grounded during the summer and write everyday. People are always asking, “Where are you going?” I tell them nowhere. Not in the summer when Europe is horribly hot and packed with tourists and their families. Streets are packed, prices jacked up, its a nightmare. Another perk of the Writer’s Life…live where you want. Travel when you want. Hint: when it’s cool and everyone else is locked inside their office cubicle. Stay cool!

  • Kate Pavelle

    That’s blistering hot! Dean, do people in your parts add electrolytes to their water at least some of the time? I know there are no-calorie electrolyte mixes available, but I haven’t needed one in a while. For Vegas I’d get a fee packets, though. Or just a pinch of salt, health depending.

  • David Alastair Hayden

    Five percent humidity sounds nice. I can’t imagine what that feels like.

    Down here in Alabama, the sweat doesn’t evaporate off you, so it’s hard to cool off when you get hot.

    We went hiking in Moundville a couple of weeks ago. 98 degrees and the humidity was almost at 60%. That was rough. We filled our water bottles with ice first so we could cool off fast.

    • dwsmith

      I flat die in humidity. Except for the Oregon Coast, I have always lived in the high desert. Born and raised in Boise. And the Oregon Coast had high temp days of maybe 70 and those felt awful. Summer at Michigan State in 1982 was my first experience with humidity of any type. Since that summer I have never understood why anyone lives in humidity.

      • David Blackwood

        I live just outside of Lincoln City and we’ve only gotten up into the 80s so far. I grew up in Virginia, so I’m a little more used to the heat than the natives here, but I still don’t like it.

        We got up to 105 one day last year. I only went outside long enough to put out some water in case the local wildlife needed it and the entire neighborhood was eerily quiet. Everyone else was inside.

  • Annie Reed

    We broke a record here in Reno yesterday at 106 and are expecting more of the same today, 12% humidity. Those of us who are native to this kind of thing carry a water bottle everywhere we go.

    To those attending the Vegas class, have fun! Stay cool. Stay hydrated.

  • James Palmer

    I wish we only had 5% humidity to deal with. I’m in Georgia, and for the past couple of weeks, it’s been 115 heat index (actual temp around 98) with maybe 20% humidity. It’s a little better this week, but still way too hot for me. Sadly, I think this is the coolest it will ever be again in my lifetime.