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Details on Second Shared World Class…

I Didn’t Get To All This In Yesterday’s Post…

The shared world in the second class is for THE SILVER LADY, a hotel and casino just outside of Vegas. There will be two initial volumes set in THE SILVER LADY. One mystery volume of mysteries set there and one ghost stories.

How long is the second class? Nine weeks with eight assignments along the way, plus the two stories if you want to write them after it is over. (Deadlines for stories will work around other deadlines.)

When will the second shared world class start?  In two weeks on January 23rd.

Do you have to have taken the first one to take the second one?  No, but it would round out your knowledge on Shared Worlds. And there will be two new Cave Creek anthologies with the first class at the same time.

Can you take both at the same time? Yes, the first is already done and you can go through it at your own pace while the second class is happening. Writing deadlines will be spaced, no worries.

Will information be repeated from the first class? Very, very little. The second class is taking all the information we often just touched on or passed over in the first class and expanding it and adding in a ton more advanced elements that you will need as an indie writer.

Will using branding and merchandise be covered?  Extensively. And how to do it. And more importantly, how to use shared worlds to make money in your store and your writing.

Will I learn how to create my own shared world and see contracts? Yes, extensively.

If I am already signed up in the first Shared World class, can I write stories for the new Cave Creek anthologies. Yes. We will be doing numbers more Cave Creek and The Silver Lady anthologies over the years and will always turn to those in the classes for stories.

Cost for either class is $500, same price as all our nine week classes. Because of the anthologies, and the cost to produce those and pay writers professional rates, we can’t take credits for this class.

One last fun bonus!  If you sign up for the second shared world class, you will get a nifty The Silver Lady mug for your beverage while writing. I will show you those in a few days. (Lifetime Everything subscribers, you can buy the mug.)

Excited about this new class that is starting in two weeks.

Questions, feel free to write me or ask in the comments.