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Launches at Noon on Tuesday!!

Five Volumes of 100 short stories, half by Kris, half by me. We are calling these stories our “strange romances” because trust me, they are not regular romances. And you all know me, I write across genres, so these are science fiction, fantasy, mystery and so on, all with a romantic element.

It’s the romantic element in all 100 stories that hold these volumes together.

This is the fourth year of Kris and I doing these 100 story volumes for the Make 100 promotion in Kickstarter. And just as with the three years before, we have some great fun stuff with this one.

In fact, since with this one, there are 21 of these major collections with half my stories and half Kris’s stories, you can get all 420 stories at once if you want. (I don’t think I have any duplications in my stories.)

Great fiction and also some great workshops. Launches at noon Tuesday.

Check it out here