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A Second Shared World Class

SHARED WORLDS: Part One and Now Part Two

What Are Shared Worlds, How to Do Them, and Why?  Part Two… More Information and Advanced!

For years now, Kris and I have tried to figure out how to teach shared worlds as a topic to writers to get the most benefit for writers. Both of us have written in so many shared worlds, we couldn’t begin to count. From the major shared worlds of Star Trek and Star Wars, to the more subtle shared worlds of say the WMG Holiday Spectacular.

And everything in between. There are thousands of reasons indie writers and publishers would want to set up one form or another of a shared world. And also learn the tricks, the goods and the bad of writing in other people’s shared worlds.

All major magazines are a from of shared worlds. Major indie publishers have set up shared worlds and have other writers writing for them. And so much more. Shared worlds are only as limited as your imagination.

The second class follows along after the first class and covers the more advanced major areas like:

1… Accidental Shared Worlds

2… Contracts (sample and clauses to watch out for)

3… Rights and IP Control

4… More value of sales to you and your business with merchandise and licenses.

5… Developing your own shared worlds.

And a bunch more…

And we will fund and run a shared world called THE SILVER LADY. Two new anthologies will be done, one mystery and one ghosts. It will only be open to those taking Part Two of the Shared World classes.

We will also do two more Cave Creek anthologies at the same time. If you are signed up in the first class from a number of years back, you are still in and can write for the two new Cave Creek anthologies.

You can sign up for the first part at any point as well and write for the new books.


— They are not a workshop, a Pop-Up, a lecture, or a Study Along. They are one-of-a-kind events.

— Sorry, no credits apply I’m afraid.

— Lifetime Everything subscribers Part Two has been added to your subscription. Part One is already there.

Price is $500 and again, I am sorry, but we can’t take any credits on this one. The costs are just too high to fund and publish two professional anthologies.

The second part of shared worlds is a class that those taking it will write for a shared world called THE SILVER LADY, which is a hotel casino just north of Las Vegas. Two anthologies. One anthology will be ghosts and one will be mysteries set in THE SILVER LADY Casino and Hotel.



THE SILVER LADY is a shared world that I have created. It will be an example of a shared world all the way through the second class.

Details so far… In short, THE SILVER LADY is a hotel and casino complex on the old highway 95 just north of Las Vegas. It has over 150 rooms and was built in the late 1930s. Restaurant, buffet, casino, and privately owned.

We hope to have many THE SILVER LADY anthologies in the future, and once you have written for it and taken this class, you will always be invited to write for them. Romance, historical, mystery, and forms of science fiction and paranormal. All edited by Dean Wesley Smith and paying professional rates.

You will always retain rights to your story and if not taken for one of the anthologies you can sell it anywhere. (All explained in the class.)

If you have taken the first class with Cave Creek, we are doing two new anthologies for that as well. (Yes, we will set the deadlines so you can write for all four if you are in both classes.)

A lot of learning and a lot of fun.

One Comment

  • Kerridwen Mangala McNamara

    I need the class under my belt already!

    I’m working on a contract for a story accepted into a small press shared world… I’m asking for some contact changes before I sign. And they are new, so I might be their first author to do so. (Though, honestly, the contact will just be better, overall, if they go with my chances. Since if their stuff wasn’t specific enough… not sure if they are actually working with a lawyer…)

    I’m sending it back today for their review…

    Wish me luck.
    (And a big thank you to Kris, especially, but both of you for the Business Bundle. I wouldn’t be brave enough to negotiate without having read it!)