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December Regular Workshops Now Up

January Workshops Will All Be Up Tomorrow…

So both December and January regular workshops will be available. Then a day or so after that a number of the collection’s workshops will be extended through next year.

And then three or four Master Business Class workshops will launch (Kris and I have been working on them.) We will launch even more over the next week or so. And a lot more by the end of the year.

I got a couple of questions about workshop sales. And writers wondering if we are going to do another one, maybe for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Nothing really planned, but if a few are interested, we might do it. Seems like a logical time for a very short workshop sale, especially with so many new workshops. We shall see, so if interested (no commitment), just write me or leave a comment.

And workshop credits are great gifts to writers, by the way.

Between doing all the workshops, moving the last of the stuff from the old condo, and laying out Issue #55 of Smith’s Monthly, it has been a fun and crazy few days that will continue through the weekend. So better get back to it.