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Short Post… One Last Bit of Moving

Finally Clearing Our Old Condo…

We left some boxes, some clothes, some misc stuff in our old condo because we were not clearing out until December 1st officially. So it was sort of a storage unit, but 95% cleared out.

So today I tossed away my old internet computer chair (actually gave it to the security folks here in the building for their office) and brought up a chair I had stored in the old condo.

Got the last 14 boxes of the books upstairs two days ago, and last week I got a second storage unit right next to our main one. I will be moving stuff from the old condo out there, and stuff from another storage unit across town to the new one as well and get rid of that one. My goal in these two large storage units that are air conditioned and heated and inside is to get up all the shelving and get all the digest collection out on shelves. That will take me a year but will be fun.

So a few days of the last details of moving, putting books on shelves, hanging the last of our Chuck Jones collection (Got the original Bill Ward drawings up.) So not much of a blog tonight other than saying I will be very, very happy when the last of these almost four years of moving is finally over. At least for a time.



  • Judy Lunsford

    Be careful. We just moved a bunch of furniture for my parents’ holiday visit and I’m feeling it today. And you’ll have to post pictures of the finished storage unit. That would be realy cool to see with all the shelving and digests.

    • dwsmith

      Oh, yeah, the storage unit which is 10 x 30 will be a nifty library when I am done. This is the first time in forever that I will have a chance to actually see them all on a shelf and get them in order. More than likely will sell the entire thing when done, but at least I will get to see it and enjoy it. And maybe try to fill in any missing issues. That would be fun for the old collector in me.