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December and January Workshops

All Now Available…

Took me most of the day today, along with moving stuff out of the old condo and working on laying out Smith’s Monthly #55, but I got them all ready to go and posted.

And as I said last night or in a comment or something, getting a brand new workshop available to start in February.

Also, the Decade Ahead classes will start back up after two years of this pandemic. Crystal ball is clearing a lot. Thankfully. So January the Decade Ahead classes will start up and this next week after I get them organized some, I will open them back up for sign-ups. All the videos we did before will still be there, just under a “way back machine” header. (grin) We will do all new since this world is pretty new.

And news coming on the Collaboration class some of you signed up for two years ago as well. Stay tuned. As with any business, especially one like these workshops, the pandemic just made a mess of everything that we are slowly cleaning up.

So here are the December and January Regular six-week workshops and their start dates. All of this is on WMG Teachable.

Any questions, feel free to write me.

Class #51… Dec 7th … Covers 101
Class #52… Dec 7th … Living with Novels
Class #53… Dec 7th … Publishing 101
Class #54… Dec 7th … Writing with Speed
Class #55… Dec 7th … Teams in Fiction
Class #56… Dec 8th … Depth in Writing
Class #59… Dec 8th … Power Words
Class #60… Dec 8th… Killing Critical Voice

Class #1… Jan 4th … Covers 101
Class #2… Jan 4th … Living With Novels
Class #3… Jan 4th … Publishing 101
Class #4… Jan 4th … Writing into the Dark
Class #5… Jan 4th … Writing Sales Copy
Class #6… Jan 5th … Depth in Writing
Class #7… Jan 5th … Writing Short Stories
Class #8… Jan 5th … Killing Critical Voice
Class #9… Jan 5th … Power Words
Class #10… Jan 5th … Advanced Depth

By the way, the workshops that will move back to once every two months in the new year are Power Words and Living with Novels. Workshops moving to Classic next summer are Publishing 101, Short Stories, and maybe Speed. That will leave room for five or six new workshops. So if you want to get the three moving to classic next summer with me reading assignments, you need to take them in the next four or five months.


  • Connor Whiteley

    Looking forward to the new workshop in February whatever it is and the Master Business Classes coming up.

  • Philip

    Quick question: I took the Depth Workshop. Does Advanced Depth cover the technique of switching viewpoint characters in the middle of a chapter/scene? I notice many of the pulp greats, inchluding Louis L’Amour, used this and pulled it off quite nicely but I’ve been afraid to try it myself. Not sure how to execute it.

    • dwsmith

      No, Advanced Depth does not do that, but helps with other forms of getting readers into stories like voice and summary and such.

      The floating viewpoint would take a full six-week focused workshop that we have planned to do for years but have not had the courage to try. We sort of have it scheduled for later this spring if we don’t push it back. It is such an advanced technique and takes so much control and skill to pull off without the reader noticing, that it will be difficult to teach. The problem is there is numbers of ways to do it correctly and about a billion ways to do it wrong. If your readers notice you are doing it, you are doing it wrong. Just better in your first ten million words of fiction to not try it. But we will try to teach it finally in 2022 at least for awareness of the reasons to do it and how. Then a writer can decide if they want to do it or not depending on the needs of a story.