Challenge,  On Writing

Day Six

Skipped Day Five

And did a ton of other things today once again and only managed a thousand words because I am so tired at the moment (12:30 am) to go back and write any more, so going for a good night’s sleep and see what tomorrow brings.

Normally I would get two or three thousand more words tonight. Just nope.

Not going to write any more tonight either here in this blog. I’ll catch up a bunch of stuff in tomorrow night’s post.

This just keeps my blogging streak alive.  Night.


  • Philip

    You’ve written a ton of books and stories over the years, and you’ve done a ton of challenges, so you can handle an off night here and there. What’s interesting to me is what would happen to those of us who still struggle mightily with Critical Voice if we attempted a challenge. It seems like CV would jump all over us and say, “See, you’ll never complete this crazy goal. Quit now.” I admire you for building up such armor against it. I go back and re-read Stories From July pretty frequently, and love watching the evolution in between great stories.

    • dwsmith

      Philip, thanks! It’s not armor against critical voice, I have just wiped critical voice out completely when it comes to my writing. I just do the best I can, always, and then move on. Nothing else I can do. Critical voice has no place in creative art. It can only dull your work down or stop its creation. I still have critical voice in other things, just not in writing.

  • James

    Take it easy. Hope you get some rest. Everytime I come to your blog I want to thank you for helping me get rid of critical voice. It stopped me for years, but now I’ve been going strong doing 3,000 words a day without fail for about five months now.

    It’s so freeing. I’m never going back. Never!

    I’m also at pulp speed 1 and loving it. The more I write, the more ideas rattle around in my head. I’ve got several series going right now and I’m indie publishing them, too! Maybe in a few years I’ll be making regular sales and I can dump my day job! But even if I can’t, that’s fine too. This is too much fun!

    • dwsmith

      James, great to hear. And thanks. When writing is fun, it really is amazing at what happens. Thanks!