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Skipping a Day

Still Will Have Four Novels Done In a Month…

But as I expected, today turned into a complete work on other stuff day. Except for a few breaks to work on moving or go out to lunch, I spent all day at this internet computer.

All day and now into the night. No eye left for my writing computer.

Why did I do this?

Well, here is why…

The Fantasy Collections Class started.

The Heroes and Heroines Collection Class started.

Vastness of Space Class started.

Writing Spaceships Class started.

Plus all the regular Tuesday monthly classes for July started. Those are Covers 101, Publishing 101, Writing into the Dark, and Learning Fiction Sales Copy Class.

By the way, ALL OF THOSE CLASSES ARE OPEN FOR SIGN-UPS ON TEACHABLE if you want to get past the time of great forgetting.

Plus I got an issue of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine ready to turn in.

All this had been building up during the weeks of the move, where normally I would have been working ahead on all of this and had no trouble today. Moves tend to do that to you. (grin)

So frighteningly enough this was all planned for and even though I am going to write four novels this month, a slow start and missing an entire day does not bother me.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

Now I am going to push away from this computer and go rest my eye. Night.


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  • Dawn Blair

    All part of the turbulence of achieving ground effect!

    I knew I’d have the same issue with my plans and goals, and I expect that I’ll continue with the turbulence until October, just because of the stuff I have on my plate. It’s hard because I want to write more, but there is so much other life stuff that needs done. And life has been throwing additional wrenches at me. Life rolls!

    But I will get there. (I’ve already quadrupled where I started at, so I’m gaining.) I know you will too because I’ve seen you do it before.

    Now, I must go take care of some things so I can get back to another fun writing session.