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A Day of Naps… And Magic, Monsters, and Myths Storybundle

I Even Managed a Few Emails… Not Many…

Mostly just kept sprawling out on the bed and passing out every hour or so. Watched some television, napped, did a few emails, napped, got some steps, napped. Tomorrow I should be back to half-human.

But I got something I need to remind you all about tonight, before I pass out yet again. Since this will be done late today, I need to tell you that I have a book in the Storybundle Magic, Monsters, and Myths that Kris curated.

The books in this bundle are amazing. Maybe one of the better bundles I have seen in a while, to be honest. And if you want a place to start reading my GHOST OF A CHANCE series, the novel Cop Car would be a good one to start with.

These are ghosts, saving lives and solving crimes in my Poker Boy universe. In Cop Car, a newly-minted ghost falls for the cop who comes to the scene of her wrecked car. And it goes from there.

So grab the bundle, get some fantastic reading, and try out my series. Ghost of a Chance books are fun, I promise you.

Remember, this is the last day to get the bundle at Magic, Monsters, and Myths on Storybundle.

Now off to a very, very long nap.