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Thank Heavens For Naps…

A Nap Day Today…

Actually, a three-nap day, although it was actually only two because the first one was interrupted by a phone call I had to take.

Now I normally take a twenty-minute nap once a day, usually right before dinner. And since I am freelance, I can do what I want. There are advantages.

But today I woke up exhausted. Kris and I managed to get one of our cars into the shop for a standard tuning ,and then we got an amazing lunch that we ate sitting in the car looking at basically nothing with 1970s music playing.

But the moment I got home, the first aborted nap was attempted. Four minutes.

I did some work, some email, then back with the two boys on the bed for a real twenty-minute nap. Staggered out and tried to do some work before giving up and going back with the boys on the bed. I staggered out an hour later and went for a walk for exercise before picking up take-out dinner.

And I have been fine ever since.  But two-point-one naps. I think the tiredness is caused by a number of factors. First off I have turned in eleven different projects in just the last two weeks and about to turn in a few more. Kris has an appointment for her first shot, which is a huge relief. And my allergies are brutal, not helped by strong winds.

And it might also be because I am overweight and working on exercising more and eating less and doing okay on both at the moment.

But I set my own schedule and today I got a car in for service, a fantastic lunch, a number of naps, and a bunch of work done tonight, including finishing another project. So a good day.

Any two-nap day is a good day just by definition.

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