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A Best Practices Guide By Loren Coleman

And trust me, folks, you ever thinking of adding Kickstarters into your fiction plans, you want this book in your library.

And Loren wrote it to have it read, so he is practically giving it away in a Kickstarter Launch campaign.

Folks, I have read this book. It will be the bible of how to do fiction campaigns going forward.

Loren was the co-founder with me of the Best Practices class that is free on WMG Publishing Teachable. And he ran a 2 million plus campaign. And he has run small campaigns under different company names. This one is under his Pulse Publishing name.

There is only a day left on this campaign. Just hours!!

So don’t wait any longer to grab this book. Even if you have never thought of making more money with your writing, get this book and learn what is possible.

Crowdfunding Your Fiction: Best Practices