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Just Some Bits…

Saturday Night Clean-Up…

I will finally get to have more hours for writing starting this coming week. Finally. So figured tonight when no one was around, I would clean up a few things.

— The survey should go out on Tuesday or Wednesday for The Return of the Fey Kickstarter campaign. After that I will keep you informed on the campaign when other details go out. But next week will only be the surveys because we want to give everyone time to get them back to us. That way we don’t miss anyone. So when you get the survey, please fill it out as soon as you can. And thanks for the support on that once again.

— If you thought you were signed up for the Master Business Class here in Vegas in October, and didn’t get a letter from me, please write me. That class has been CANCELLED and moved online. It will be much, much better online, a ton more information, and it still has an element of in-person to it in May of 2022. And yes, anyone can sign up for it. More information tomorrow here as to what we are doing.

— I have been finally putting together some really fun Pulphouse books. Working on the last one called That’s Really Messed Up. Finally those stories will see print. Held them far too long with this stupid pandemic slowdown.

— My weight and exercise battle is improving. Training correctly for longer runs next fall and Kris and I stopped and took a look at the gym, which looks very safe, especially after we both have both shots. (Kris’s second shot is in two weeks.) Weight not dropping as fast as I had hoped. Know anyone who actually had weight drop quickly? (Who wasn’t sick?) Never does. (grin) Next fall and winter, so far, I have two half marathons and two marathons planned. I am going to repeat the marathon I did in November, only it will be in April next year. With the right training I should improve my time by at least two hours. Not kidding. (grin)

— First assignment is posted for the Study Along Mystery Class that starts on April 16th. If you didn’t get an email from me on that, you have blocked email on Teachable and you need to turn that on. In so many classes I try to inform writers about things through the Teachable email program.

Enough for one night. Have a safe weekend.