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April Workshops Starting Up

Tuesday and Wednesday…

Yes, it is that time. The April workshops are starting up. You can find them on WMG Publishing Teachable at

Hit “See all Courses” and look for the April classes.

Also, for those of you taking the special workshops from the Colliding Worlds Kickstarter, the Writing SF Stories and the Vastness of Space three-week special classes, they are starting as well. I sent you a letter on how to find those and get into them back in February. They were only available through the Kickstarter campaign.

The six-week classes open to everyone in April are:

Class #31… Apr 6th … Covers 101
Class #32… Apr 6th … Attitude
Class #33… Apr 6th … Publishing 101
Class #34… Apr 6th … Writing with Speed
Class #35… Apr 6th … Teams in Fiction
Class #36… Apr 7th … Depth in Writing
Class #37… Apr 7th … Kickstarter Step-by-Step
Class #40… Apr 7th… Killing Critical Voice

Any questions, feel free to write me.

Now I am going back to the novel I am working on. Night.



  • J. A. Bouma

    Meant to throw up this suggestion on your post commemorating all those sweet covers relaunching Smith’s monthly—kudos to you on that, Dean!—so I thought I would put it here: Have you thought of doing a workshop or pop-up on Publishing Your Own Magazine?

    I’ve drooled a bit over your work on what you’re doing with yours and have thought of doing something like that myself, and would welcome such a course. Bet others might too, and you’d be the perfect teacher for it, walking through the ins and outs of chosing stories and writing intros and doing covers—sort of like what you’re doing with the Collections Class, but on a larger scale. Perhap that would cover the basis for some larger collecting like a magazine would, but…just a thought to throw out for future workshop/pop-up possibilities 🙂

    Again, congrats on your magazine!

    • dwsmith

      Collection classes are nine weeks long. But think I could do this one in six. I’ll give that some thought. Most writers are just not prolific enough to do it. Or would be far too scared for some reason or another.

      But interesting idea.