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Couch Surfing…

Took On A Whole New Meaning Tonight…

When that earthquake hit tonight, the second one in two days, it was again a roller, so sitting on the couch felt like sitting on a surfboard in gentle waves. Up and down and up and down and lamps moving back and forth as the couch rolled up and down.

To be honest, I felt a little motion sick after a bit.

We are on the top floor of our tall building, so it was a little worse because of that, but everyone around town tonight on the news said it felt the same way. We are 130 or so miles from the epicenter of the quake in California. So no damage here in Las Vegas. Parts of California not so lucky.

But it was a ride there on the couch for about thirty seconds. Then a few more shorter rides after.

In my checkered past, I’ve sat on surfboards in gentle waves. That’s exactly what it felt like, only thankfully, my feet didn’t get wet.