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Fun Day and A Bunch of Reading

Fireworks Were Fun As Well…

Kris and I started off the day by working some, then we headed out for a really nice lunch at the Wynn. You know you are eating quality when you can cut calamari easily with a fork and it almost melts in your mouth. Oh, my…

Unlike where we lived for the last 23 years, Vegas is not a 4th of July Holiday destination. So streets were pretty calm.

We got back from lunch and I headed to the gym for my run/walk. Then I went to work after a great dinner recording the first three videos for the Licensing Transition and getting them up. We are finally started with step one and I wanted to get that up and recorded. (Sign up on Teachable.)

By that point it was getting dark, so Kris and I headed up to the observation deck on the roof of the building right above us to watch the fireworks, since about nine different casinos were having huge shows. The valley and all the lights is just stunningly beautiful on nights like tonight, so we stayed up there for a while talking to neighbors, then came back home to watch the big show being put on by the Plazza Hotel right out of our main windows.

For decades I have hated this holiday because I lived in a coastal town where people would show up thinking no one actually lived there and bring in enough explosives to fight a war, then blow the explosives up all night long for weeks ahead and after the holiday.

Here in Vegas only the safe fireworks are allowed and then only for three days before the holiday and it all shuts off at midnight. And they have massive fines for anyone caught with illegal stuff. Up on the coast we used to either leave town and then when Kris could no longer travel safely, we went and hid in the movie theater to get away from the worst of it.

So this city is wonderful. First time I have actually enjoyed the 4th in decades.

And tonight I got a bunch of reading done on the challenge stories I am behind on. So a great day all the way around. And back to writing tomorrow as well.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that an earthquake woke me up this morning and got me right out of bed. Guess I did.


  • Philip

    That sounds like a cool experience, watching fireworks from the observation deck.

    When I went to Vegas, I ate dinner at the top of the Stratosphere during a dry lightning storm and watching the bolts over the canyons made me feel like I was in a Ray Bradbury story. Very cool place — like Mars.