I Sort of Took a Day

Decided To Take It Easy Today…

So what is easy for me? Still got my 12,000 steps in, one mile of which was running at the health club. And still read a bunch of challenge stories, which is great fun.

Grocery shopped and cooked a couple of meals for me and Kris, watched some television.

Otherwise the day just sort of went by and now I am headed to get some sleep early, since this taking time off is so tiring.

And yet again I got a filler blog done to keep this blogging streak alive.


  • Teri Babcock

    I just finished the Licensing Expo Learn Along course and I wanted to strongly recommend it before Dean closes it to new people.
    First of all, let me admit that I took this course because the Magic Bakery Classic course was included, on my list and not yet taken. I didn’t think the licensing stuff would ever apply to me, but that for 50 bucks, why not? It’ll be interesting. And maybe someday I’ll meet someone who has licensable stuff but doesn’t know where to begin, or doesn’t think they can, and I’ll be able to help them out a bit. That would be worth 50 bucks to me.
    That is what I thought, going in.
    Coming out… it has changed my relationship with my IP, small though presently it is, and with myself as a creative who produces IP. For that alone, I think it is probably the most important online business workshop they have ever done.
    In addition to the licensing information and the inside view of how the conference works, it also validated some ideas I’ve had about how to create work that aren’t the typical path taken. And I’m surprised and really pleased to realise that learning about this stuff now, while I’m in very early early stages of creating work is the best possible timing. This is exactly the opposite of what I assumed going in to the course.
    And I kept thinking two things repeatedly during the course:
    -for some writers, the difference in visibility, traction and income from using their IP widely and well could be make or break for their career and whether or not they even keep writing.
    -for every writer, how the licensing is held during their lifetime and after will massively affect the finances of their estate.

    So, if you passed this course by because you think likely no one is ever going to make a movie from your novel, or bobble-head dolls from your short story characters, or whatever… it isn’t that. My career trajectory and vision just changed because of this course.

  • Isabo Kelly

    I want to ditto everything Teri said. This course was eye opening, a game changer for me too. My vision for my business has just gotten a LOT bigger.