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Cold Poker Gang Novel Going Great

Started Two Days Ago…

Before this new attitude of doing words first every day, I would have gotten nothing done on a day like today.

Basically I have set myself up to get up in the morning at the exact same time, go through a routine, and then do 2,000 words before too much business. Then more words later in the day as I can find them.

Most mornings I will do the words right here in my office. Some mornings I will grab my iPad and head for a buffet or a restaurant for breakfast and 2,000 words before coming back. I have left myself the option to be flexible and that feels great.

Of course, this morning, the second day of this new routine, the writing first thing, due to circumstances, just didn’t happen, but instead of worrying about that and all the tons of business and workshop I had to do today, I just grabbed 15 minutes here and 15 minutes there and have managed 2,000 words so far.

Why could I do that? Because I had also set my mind that some days just wouldn’t allow the writing first, so I had to do what I did today. In other words, I was ready mentally.

Two weeks ago that never would have happened. Clearly my mind is back focused and clear enough to work on the writing. And I am still going to make a run at the 10 book challenge.  (I will blog more about that as it gets up to speed more.)

And as soon as I get this blog done, I’m going to do more words on the novel before heading off to bed to make sure I get a full night’s sleep.

I am also getting up at the same time every morning except on run or workshop days. So that will help as well. Again, back to finding and setting the regular new schedule thing after losing my 32 year practiced old schedule. It’s coming.

Glad that my talking about this is helping a few people. It seems that even old pros like me, when faced with setting a new schedule, have an adjustment period.

So off to writing. Got 45 minutes before I have to head to bed. That will make today a solid day even with all the stuff.