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Some Other Great Kickstarter Campaigns

These Campaigns Are Worth Looking At…

I know I have talked about the Kickstarter campaign I am doing called Smith’s Stories: Make 100 Paperbacks. But right now I am also supporting three other great campaigns and I thought I would list them and give links to them here so you can all take a look.

First off Robert Greenberger who is a great writer and editor is doing a project called Thrilling Adventure Yarns. It’s an anthology (that he did not invite me into, but we won’t go into that. (grin)) that has some great writers doing great Pulp Era stories. Wonderful fun and a good campaign that looks like it will fund easily.

Check it out at Thrilling Adventure Yarns.

The second one is a great fantasy Kickstarter campaign by super writer Debbie Mumford. It is called Dragon’s Destiny and is of course about dragons.  Now this one still has a couple weeks to go and will need some help, so pass the word on this one. Debbie is a great writer and these books are wonderful.

And Debbie has hired a great cover designer and a great editor for the project. If you love fantasy, you can’t go wrong backing this one.

Check it out at Dragon’s Destiny.

The third campaign I am supporting right now is a publishing one. It is called Intellectual Property Tracker. I have looked at this and offered to help by giving a classic workshop with ever reward level above a certain point. Why would I do that? Simple, every indie writer and small publisher needs this tracker.

Go take a look at the explanation of this and how it will work and you will see you need it as well. Trust me on this one. You will thank me for years to come if they can get this off the ground. And I will thank you if you can help as well.

Check it out at Intellectual Property Tracker.

And, of course, check out my Kickstarter campaign at Smith’s Stories: Make 100 Paperbacks. 


  • Emilia

    I ended up making a Kickstarter account to backup Smith’s Stories: Make 100 Paperbacks and Dragon’s Destiny. When I was younger I searched the library shelves for fantasy books about shapeshifters, but couldn’t find one. So I decided to write one myself. Still writing it, though I think I now have the skills to actually finish.

    Meanwhile “books about a family of dragon shape-shifters” sounds right up my alley.

  • William

    I heard about this on the CreativePenn and you had it up before I could take a look. Sounds like a great idea other than two options that I see and was wondering your opinion on. First, as you can see that after the first year backer option expires, it will become yet another “monthly” subscription model that adds to the ever-growing expense of doing business. I mean the $25 per month level is fewer titles than we’ve seen you create in a single month. That one, of course, is what had me thinking less than the second area. I actually thought of this after listening to the podcast and thought of you immediately when it came up.

    #2) Web-based software. Over the years I know you’ve talked about how people back-up their information and the fine print on cloud services that people have to be aware they are actually signing. (ie. Google Drive, etc.) This whole software is basically putting every last bit of information about your IP onto a cloud-based server. I can absolutely imagine the ease of having all of this information in one location would be, but I was wondering your thoughts on concerns of also allowing access to all that information in one place in an area you only have so much control of.

    Other than that, thanks for the links. I really enjoy backing kickstarters and will look into these.

    • dwsmith

      William, over the last three years or so my opinion of cloud-based has changed to positive as security and other issues have hardened to levels that reassure me. So I have no issue at all with this being a web-based software and in the cloud anymore. And they are doing this right and having you control the access to your own information completely.

      And yes, this will be another subscription after a year. I’m cool with that because of the improvements that will go along with that plus the trouble-shooting they are going to do. This kind of program is going to have to be an active program with updates and new features as the world changes. So it pretty much needs to be that way. So no issue there.

      I just really want to be able to get all this information together. Got a hunch that once that is the case, I will make a hundred times more per year that this will cost that I am now missing by not having this information together and handy.

  • Thomas Bennett

    Thanks for the info Dean. I backed the IP tracker and 100 paperbacks. My second round of surgeries starts mid February. If all goes well I should be healthy by April.

    As you’re thinking about workshops for the future, I’d be very interested in a workshop on fears, and the workshop on The Middle that you wanted to do last year.

    I know I’ve mentioned this privately but I wanted to say it again here so other people can mention workshops they might like to see. Glad the stories funded. Can’t wait to read them.