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Very Last Day for the Fantastic Detective Bundle…

This is a great bundle and I was lucky enough when I put it together for Storybundle to get some fantastic writers who have done Fantastic Detective.

If you like fantasy of all kinds and detective fiction mashed into it in strange and wonderful ways, you got to try this one. And it’s cheap. And going away by the end of today.

Fantastic Detective Storybundle…

Smith’s Stories: Make 100 Short Story Paperback Books.

The Kickstarter campaign I started one week ago is doing great. It has funded and now is almost to its first stretch goal. It is called Smith’s Stories: Make 100 Short Story Paperback Books.

So if this campaign hits $9,000, I will give everyone who pledged at any level an electronic copy of my large collection Stories from July. It contains 32 short stories plus all the blogs I wrote about writing them.

And also, on top of that, each person pledging to this campaign for a reward of any level will get a credit for a Classic Workshop of their choice worth $150. (If you are a lifetime workshop subscriber, you can take the equivalent in lectures or Pop-Ups we offer.) If you are not a writer, you can gift it to a writer.

Nifty stretch goal, huh? Workshop and huge collection. So help me pass the word. Getting fairly close. And if we get past that, I have another stretch goal that is even better.

Smith’s Stories: Make 100 Paperback Books

Study Along Series Workshop Starting Up

Of course, the actual Series Workshop is starting this Friday here in Vegas as well, but everyone coming knows that. Many are traveling tomorrow. Safe trip.

But I wanted to remind those of you who are doing the Study Along Series Workshop, you need to check into the Teachable page on Friday afternoon. Everything about this workshop will go in the exact timing as those who are studying here.

In the Study Along you don’t get all the exercises they are doing here, but you did get videos about the books from Kris, videos about the topic from me, and the short story assignments. Plus a couple short webinars with me.

And just like here, if you miss the deadline, too bad. So those of you taking that, stay on top of it starting Friday at 1 p.m. West Coast time (Or so… Exact time will depend on when I get back from the actual workshop that morning.)

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