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Cave Creek Kickstarter Live!!

We’re Up and Going!!

So anyone wants to see what this is all about, give it a check.

And make sure you watch the really fun video that Gwyneth and I did (mostly her, I just talked.)

Wow, this is a fun project. We have a gift card reward now, something that is limited and collectable and you can get all three anthologies on.

And we added in retail discounts as well.

And wow, are we giving away a lot of workshop stuff if this thing takes off. So pass the word and join the Shared Worlds class if you want to be a part of this. But first take a look at the kickstarter.

Click here for Cave Creek Kickstarter.

And watch this nifty video…


  • Mark Kuhn

    Dean, this one looks heckin’ fantastic!
    I’ll be sharing this all over Facebook.
    The concept is probably one of the most original I’ve ever seen!

    • dwsmith

      Got another fun one for later tonight that Gwyneth did for the Shared Worlds class. And Cave Creek. Great fun.

      And that’s the key with these projects. No point unless they are fun.

      And one person asked how I would describe Cave Creek. I said,

      “If Twilight Zone still existed, it’s home town would be Cave Creek.”

  • Harvey Stanbrough

    Great video and great “story” below the video, Dean. Good job. Already shared all over FB and Twitter and the word will go out in my own Daily Journal and my “big” blog at my author site today.

    • dwsmith

      Thanks, Harvey. And reasons for the story on the Kickstarter that I’m going to talk about in some videos in the shared world class. Thanks for spreading the word. Really appreciate it.

  • J. A. Bouma

    I do believe I just funded the project with my pledge for the historical short story class 🙂 At $2,017! Which really isn’t a thing, because you would have been funded for sure. Just like the bragging rights as a super fan of your Kickstarters (5th one backed). I’m also in the Shared World class, so I kinda have a vested interest! Can wait to try my hand at the world.

    Anyway, cheers on funding (again, would have happened with me!). And best of luck on the rest—rooting for the $15,000 mark for all the goodies!!


    • dwsmith


      You sure did. Thanks!!

      And watch the Shared World class later tonight (Friday) because more videos loading to it.

      Thanks again!