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Some Shared World Fun!

Cave Creek…

Tomorrow, if all things work, a Kickstarter campaign will be firing up called Cave Creek. It’s going to be a fun one and I will announce it here when it launches, either tomorrow or Friday early.

One thing to know. The Shared World Class is still open for sign-ups. It is where writers will be not only learning to write for shared worlds (and have been getting background for a bunch of months), but writing for Cave Creek anthologies.

I will also be writing a Cave Creek novel in public, meaning I will keep track of the writing here, out in public, on this site, as I do it so you all can watch. (Haven’t done that in a while, have I? (grin))

That novel called Card Sharp Silver will serve as part of the bible for Cave Creek writers.

And what kind of stories will be in Cave Creek? Think Twilight Zone-type stories. A story set in the normal world where something is just slightly off. Just think of me as the Rod Serling of Cave Creek.

And Kris is already talking about taking Cave Creek to the Licensing Expo in 2021. All kinds of possibilities there.

So three anthologies with a Kickstarter campaign kicking off to help get them off the ground.

I will be asking name writers to be a part of this as well, and everyone in the class will be the pool of writers I am looking to find stories for the anthologies at pro rates.

And you get to learn how to write a shared world story, and put a shared world together of your own, which is what the class is all about, really. And, of course, you will learn contracts.

To be honest, I hope to write a lot of novels in Cave Creek, and I hope there will be a long, long series of anthologies as well going into the future.

So here is the cover of the novel you will watch me write here, and images of the three anthologies you will see in the Kickstarter starting soon.

Direct Link to Shared Worlds Class


  • Britt Malka

    Cave Creek sounds like a wonderful idea. “Where the unexpected meets the real world.” Oh wow 🙂

    I love that you’re going to be “writing in public.”

    One thing I’ve thought about many times that I REALLY would love to see was your daily writing. Before you cycle back and change. Would you consider doing that?

    • dwsmith

      Nope, no one should ever, ever, ever share a work in progress. You folks will be able to see what I have written when all finished and not one second before.

      And I cycle continuously all the time, every three or four hundred words. You are thinking like I am rewriting and I am not, I am just in creation mode all the time. So there is no break from the first run through to the next cycle and so on. I never even notice because it is all a piece. Like having a painter with a canvas and the painter works on one area, goes to another area, works for a second, goes to another does a few brush stokes, goes back to the original area, does more. All part of a process.

      • Loyd Jenkins

        “All part of the process.”

        That is so much what I am learning. I found that cycling involves fixing things I find. Not revising; not rewriting; not polishing. Just fixing what is wrong — typos, things left out, characters that remind me of something. Part of the process.

  • Mark Kuhn

    Cave Creek? Twilight Zone type stories? Another cool Kickstarter??



    • dwsmith

      All the videos are there and you can just go over them. No assignments so far, really.

      So no issue coming in now. Just getting to the meat of the class now. Before it has been background and other things.