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Cave Creek Funded!!

In Just Twenty Hours…

That is one of our fastest Kickstarter campaign funding ever. So cool. Thank you, everyone!

And now everyone who backs the Cave Creek Kickstarter gets a free electronic copy of my novel Thunder Mountain, the first in my western time travel series.

Plus wow do we have a bunch of fantastic writer classes in the stretch goals. Check it out and then pass the word.

Also, tonight (Friday) there will be more videos posted in the Shared World class about shared worlds and how this Kickstarter and the anthologies and my novel in the world works and will impact things.

In other words, a little of the why behind the method. (grin)

And yes, you can still sign up for the Shared World class.

And speaking of fun, Gwyneth did a nifty video to promote signing up for the Shared World class, and Cave Creek.

So first the nifty promotions video, then the video from the Cave Creek Kickstarter campaign.

Sign up for the Shared World here…

Check out the Cave Creek Kickstarter here…

(Might have to click the video twice to start it.)

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