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Card Sharp Silver… Day 19

No Day Is The Same…

It would certainly help if I could settle into some sort of routine, where I knew I could get a set amount of exercise and a set amount of writing done. Oh, that would be heaven. And I am working toward that. But at the moment, still a lot happening, so no routine just yet. Soon.

So here is how the day went.

Managed to get to this computer to do some email around noon, then a little before one I left to go meet a leasing agent and get the keys to WMG Publishing’s new Vegas office. Inspections and other stuff took some time, but got it all taken care of.

So now WMG Publishing has a Vegas office as well as one in Lincoln City. And this office is big enough to hold the craft in-person workshops starting next year when we can do in person workshops again. That’s right, the craft workshops will not be in a casino. And about two blocks away from the new office is a non-gaming, non-smoking boutique hotel being built that should be done about the time the virus lets us all travel again.

So excited to have this for the workshops and so many other things. Took a lot of work in this crazy time to get it all together. I have been looking and working on this for over a year now, if not longer. This office will also be for licensing stuff, including a new corporation. Going to be great to have the office. Finally!!!

But no worries, all of WMG Publishing will remain in Lincoln City. This changes nothing there.

So I got Kris and I lunch on the way back and after lunch I recorded a week of a workshop before taking a nap. Then a little more email before taking a walk with Kris.

I cooked a quick dinner and then got some exercise by taking some basic stuff to the new office, like hand sanitizer and paper towels and such. Then more exercise. (Got my 10,000 steps.) Then some television with Kris before finally making it to my writing computer by 11:30 pm.

I got a smooth 1,100 words done on Card Sharp Silver in just about an hour before moving over here to write this. Now I am going to go continue to read Kris’s new Diving novel.