Cave Creek,  Challenge

Card Sharp Silver… Day 18

One Month Since Day Seventeen…

Wow, just as all of us had a crazy last month, mine was no different. Some people have been working harder than ever with this virus, others are laid off and killing time or trying to focus. I have been in the bunch working harder than I can remember.

But now, thankfully, returning to my normal level of freelance work, so I started a new short story series in the last few days and today got back to writing on the Cave Creek novel.

So as I did for the first seventeen days on this, I will detail out the general nature of my day before getting to writing in the novel.

Managed to get to this internet computer (with the internet down, but using my hot spot on my phone) around noon. Did some email and such, then had lunch with Kris, then headed out to do some banking I could only do in person. Horrid describes that.

Then home to take a short nap, then back in here on more business, including working on getting the Challenge Stories organized and a few back to some writers. I am so far behind on those, it will take me a few weeks to get everything back, so hold on writers. I am reading.

While I was stressing standing in line with a bunch of other masked bankers, Kris was working on the second cat anthology and getting it lined up and I will do the introductions on that tomorrow. The first one is schedule to publish later this month and I will get it to everyone in the Cat Anthology class and get that underway. Plus it will get sent out to those who get it from the Cat Kickstarter.

So I cooked dinner, then we went out for a walk and to say bye (socially distanced) to some friends moving out of Vegas.

I came back to do more business work and record my exercise and eating records (I am keeping those again and have some pretty heavy goals set up which I will talk about down the road.) Then another quick nap before Kris and I watched the start of a movie, then I got back in here and went to work on Card Sharp Silver around 11:30 pm.

But, after a month of only looking at it a few times, I needed to do the big cycle, which means I had to start reading from the beginning to get it all back into my head. After an hour I got to where the page was blank and just kept on writing, so all good. Made another thousand words progress.

Not a clue where this is going. Not one clue.

But I think it will be a good partial bible for the Cave Creek shared world writing. That class will actually start the four week class on how to actually write shared world in a week or so. This Card Sharp Silver story might end up only a novella, or it could go to a short novel or longer. Again, no clue, but it will give a sense of the place at least and the type of stories wanted for this shared world.

And yes, for those who have taken the teams workshop, I am using the romance team structure for the book.

So now about 1:30 am and I am going to go enjoy myself for a while reading Kris’s new Diving novel. Night.


  • Mike

    Dean, out of curiosity, when doing a long cycle back through from the beginning, is there anything you’re doing or thinking about other than reading the story to get it back in your mind?

    Whenever I’ve had to do this, I tend to add little bits here and there to smooth out parts, same as any other cycle. Just whatever strikes me in the moment, nothing in critical voice.

    I’m guessing each story is different, just curious if you’ve got any other tricks.

    • dwsmith

      If I see something, I touch it. Mostly just reading and making sure my notes about a character or setting.