Cave Creek,  Challenge

Card Sharp Silver… Day 20

Normally Would Be Finished in Twenty Days…

But nope. Just sort of puttering along, no fault of the book, just too many distractions and work outside of the book and writing time. I bet most of you know this feeling exactly.

I am not worried or bothered or anything by the slowness of this. Just noting it, and that every book is different from every other book in the creation process.

So today I made it here around 10:30 am, early for me because I needed to go out into the wilds. So a little after eleven I headed out, masked, gloves and excessive hand sanitizer. I was way, way too late. It’s Saturday I discovered, and half the planet was doing its shopping on Saturday. I can do it any day of the week, so no clue what I was thinking.

A stop at Walmart where 9 out of 10 people were wearing masks, but still too crowded for my tastes. Cut my time short there and headed to pick up some snacks that Kris gets every week from a small bakery.

Only two allowed at a time in the small bakery and I was, thankfully, third in line, so I stayed outside. 40 minutes later I was still outside. I felt so, so sorry for the poor woman who was trying to wait on this one customer. The customer was a very, very, very large woman who was wearing far, far, far too few clothes. She had no mask on and was crowded right up to the counter, backing the woman on the other side as far back as she could go to get away from all the loud talking and spitting and gesturing.

I just sat outside and watched until finally the woman left. Forty minutes. The poor woman next in line in there clearly was flustered by the entire thing. She was wearing a mask, as was the woman behind the counter. Didn’t matter, if that large, and I do mean morbidly large woman was sick, she covered everything in that room with virus spittle, including the woman behind the counter and the woman trapped over against a wall waiting.

Thankfully all the food was protected in cases and the woman behind the counter was frantically trying to wipe things down the instant the large woman left.

The woman ahead of me came out, looking like she had just lived a horror movie, but since there was no one behind me, I just sat out there for another ten minutes or so to give all that first woman’s spittle time to settle out of the air and the clerk time to wipe down surfaces and spray some disinfectant around.

I have seen a ton of stupidity in my life, but that is up there in the top ten running. After that I had planned to go to the grocery store, but nope, just went home.

I had lunch, took a nap, then recorded a workshop week.

Then I headed back out to grab a few groceries that we needed to make it a few days, then came back and cooked dinner.

Another nap. Then a bunch of email, then I went back to reading Kris’s new Diving novel before Kris and I watched some television. Then out for a walk to get my 10,000 steps.

Then finally around 11:30 or so made it to Card Sharp Silver. Did about a thousand words again, took a break, decided to not go back. Watched a little television to relax and finish this.

And that was day 20. Strange world we are living in.



  • Kate Pavelle

    Yey for writing, I’m also slowly revving up! The Publishing Challenge gives me much-needed structure. Without it, I could go for months and then I’d wake up and wonder where did the time go. The challenge also reminds me to write new words and not just compile the old ones that live on my hard drive. So far so good.
    Regarding your shopping, ugh about the bakery woman. I foresee signs on store along the lines “No mask, no shirt, no shoes, no service.” If I owned a store I’d do it, and if possible I’d employ a bouncer. Some people are just damn inconsiderate.

  • Mark Kuhn

    Dean, my problem with titling my stories after they’re finished has been driving me heckin nuts.
    So today I used an online story title generator and tried your method of typing a title and hitting the gas.
    Felt weird, but I kept my eye on a direction before typing. If this works I can keep critical voice out of my process. Trust me, while thinking about titles after I was done, he was very active.
    There also online random word generators I use when I get stuck. Many times smashing words together gets things moving.