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Busy Day But Not As Expected

Original Plan: Run Two 5K…

I have so much stuff to do to get ready to leave on Tuesday, I decided to skip the first run and stay home and work. And for the second 5K I walked a mile. Kris and Lisa did both and I am impressed. But doing both runs would have wiped me out and I needed the hours of writing and work.

Most of the time I just powered on finishing the new Thunder Mountain novel.

And I am finishing up all the refunds on the game. (Not done yet, so no panic. Still got a lot of letters to send.) And tomorrow I will send out the emails for the two special workshops that start in a couple of weeks so everyone can get on board with them. So tomorrow is a lot of email and more writing as well.

Also fun, the WMG HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR 2021 Kickstarter campaign has been approved. We will launch it on Tuesday.

The pre-launch page is

Going to be a really good one. Launching Tuesday.


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  • Connor Whiteley

    That’s great Dean! I’m really looking forward to the Holiday Spectacular. Hope it goes really well.