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Friday Night…

I Spent All Day At This Computer…

And I have a blog streak that I have to maintain, no desire to be here after 12 hours here.

I hope you are out enjoying some fun on a Friday night. I am going to finish this and go get a bowl of Cheetos (yes, I know, don’t judge me since it is Friday night and I am not out drinking) and sit and watch a bad hour of television and then pass out from a long day at a computer and too much fake cheese.

However, I did start and finish, including doing a full wrap cover, a brand new holiday collection and got it turned in, recorded a bunch of workshops, did a massive amount of building on a new Kickstarter campaign for the next Holiday Spectacular, and wrote about a zillion emails.

Tomorrow I had signed up for two 5k runs. One at 8 am, one at 8 pm. I am going to stay home and try to finish a novel while Kris and Lisa go have fun on the run. I will take time off for the 8pm run. I had forgotten in two years what it was like to set up some travel and then try to get stuff done before I leave town. Just silly amounts of stuff, but the trip will be fun and worth it.



  • Karen

    Go, Dean!
    Just watching the Stamina and Strategies to Write a Lot PopUp. And I see you’re putting it to use! Working through some stuff here, getting ready for planning and plotting my next year or so goals…thanks to you and Kris!


  • Kate+Pavelle

    Awesome! No judging over Cheetos… I was out driving deliveries yesterday and swung by McDonald’s for small fries. It’s amazing what rainy weather, construction traffic, and boredom will do to my sense of judgment! Today – definitely a writing and publishing day!