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Book #2 of 70 Book Challenge

Just Came Out on November 17th…

So two books in the first week of the challenge. How fun is that?

The challenge is to publish 70 major books while I am 70 years old. And just like the first book, this book is now premiering in a nifty new Space Opera Storybundle curated by Robert Jeschonek. The first book of the challenge is still in the Crime Storybundle.

A Billion Earths: A Seeders Universe Collection of five major stories in my Seeders Universe.

And the Storybundle it is in is flat out amazing.  You don’t want to miss those books if you are a fan of space opera.

Now technically, the book is not published out wide yet, and won’t be for another three weeks. But it is still available in this Space Opera Storybundle as an exclusive to the bundle, so you can still get it along with some other really nifty books.

So don’t miss this storybundle, folks. And get my new collection. If you haven’t read any of my Seeders novels, you might be in for a surprise. Trust me, the title is not an exaggeration.



  • Philip

    Dean, this challenege is a lot of fun to watch already. I’m really hoping life rolls don’t stop this. I’m looking forward to seeing you post #70 here.

    I’m doing a similar challenge starting next month, but adjusted for my slower Pulp Speed. I want to pulish one book per month or 4 short stories in a month (as a backup goal). So maybe it will look like Novel 1 in December, 4 short stories in January and 4 in February, then perhaps a novel in March, etc. etc. For me, this is a monumental goal, but I’m confident from following your guidance that it’s doable.

  • Jim Turnbo III

    I’ve loving this! Way to go Dean. I’m rooting for you and can’t wait to see how this progresses to the end.

    I turn 51 in January. 51 books is crazy for someone who – in the past – has published 1 a year. However, 51 published short stories is much more doable. Do you have a suggestion for writing prompt ideas?

    • dwsmith

      Jim (and everyone) 51 or 52 short stories published in a year is a great and attainable goal. And will do wonders for your writing and your publishing and your ability to do covers and so much more. In fact, I’ll do a full blog about that tonight. Hang on.