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A Break in the Rough Life Weather…

Finally, life today allowed me some hours for writing and I got some done. The first novel is just around 10,000 words so far, but I am picking up speed and loving the story. Still not one clue where it is going, but I hope to find out as soon as I finish it.

Here is how I am looking at this challenge in a very simple way.

I need to do a novel on average every ten days. That would be idea. So as I expected, this has been a very slow start. I haven’t even had time yet to write the first chapter of the writing book here.

But now there seems to be light on the business front. The Fiction River Kickstarter will end on Monday evening, we have the new lectures announced and set up, and I only have September workshops to deal with for assignments, not counting all the business stuff at WMG.

I also got all the October workshops launched, so they are there on Teachable now.

So time to write over the next four days is very, very possible. There will still be business, but not ten to twelve hours of it.  So I am going to take every available hour of writing time as I go. To finish this book inside the ten day window that is ideal, I need to average about 8,000 words a day.

Honestly, I think I can do that. But we shall see.

As they say, “Stay tuned.”

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  • allynh

    I shoot for 8 manuscript pages, then if I can I do 8 pages more, and so on throughout the day, I’m good. I only focus on those 8 pages, in that moment. Some days I’m busy doing something else so no pages get done. I learned long ago that daily “quotas” meant I’d produce no pages, and beat myself up about it. No more, focus on the 8 pages, in that moment. HA!

    BTW, finished the third Jane Hawk book. Until I read the last two and read through the whole series at least three times, I can’t pin down my sense of the books yet. I’m leaning toward “mythic” or “force of nature”. I suspect “mythic” is right because of the way other characters appear in the moment.

    Each book feels like a six episode miniseries, with each episode an hour long. That’s 42 minutes with commercials or 60 minutes HBO.

    That goes along with the earlier discussion of how long each Castle episode should be.

    So the Jane Hawk is going a long way to answering my question.