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Kickstarter Hit Third Stretch Goal

Only Has Two Days Left…

We are within $500 of hitting the fourth stretch goal and doing great so far. If we hit that 4th goal, everyone supporting the subscription drive will not only get the subscription and their chosen reward, but at least five extra books. Five.

And with more if we can go farther.

Those of you workshop people, there are deals on workshops on this subscription drive. For $250 you get a $300 workshop plus a $150 classic workshop. So $450 in value for $250.

There is also a $750 level where you can get three credits for workshops (to take at any time you want going into the future) and you also get three classic workshops. So $1,350 value in workshops for $750.

Now that is some deals. But only on the . There are also deals on lifetime subscriptions there as well.

And you can give any reward as a gift or double up by simply adding the amount of one reward to the amount of another and we will work it out with you after this is over.

So thank you, everyone, for the support getting us this far. Now don’t let these next two days slip away and miss the workshop deals and subscription deals.




    • dwsmith

      Denise, thank you!! It did. So you get all kinds of extra books plus the high backer book as well.

      And as soon as the dust clears, I’ll get you on the lifetime lectures so you can take the Negotiation lectures that start October 1st.

      Again, thanks!!! We love Fiction River and really want it to keep going for a long, long time. And with this subscription drive, it looks good.

      • Denise Gaskins

        Thanks! I’m looking forward to those lectures. Although I do wish the Q&A webinars could be recorded, since I have other commitments in that time frame.

        Still, I’m sure I’ll learn a lot. As a niche nonfiction writer, I don’t have to worry that Hollywood might come calling, but I still have negotiations to deal with.