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Three New Lectures

These Three Lectures Are Special… 

In fact, they will only be offered once each this fall and never again. Kris and I have been working on these for some time and finally decided to do them this fall. Very limited to the Lecture Lifetime Subscribers and ten more.

I have zero doubt, from all the questions Kris and get constantly on this topic from writers, that these lectures will fill very, very quickly.

So can you imagine one day the phone rings and it is someone you don’t know wondering if your movie rights are available??? Happens all the time. What do you do?

And one day it will happen to you, even though you don’t think it will.

These three lectures will give you the foundation you need to know what to do when that phone rings, or when you have a chance to pitch your book to someone.

Here is the information…

Negotiation Series Lectures…

Kris, on her blog, has talked regularly about negotiation. And even done an entire book on it. But learning through writing is completely different than hands-on training.

So in a series of three lectures with live webinars, we are going to give you that hands-on training. (This will be far more advanced and detailed than the basic negotiations lecture now available.)

We will only offer this series one time, this fall. (Lifetime Lecture Subscribers are automatically signed up already.)

Lecture 1… Negotiating a Deal: They come to you.

Lecture 2… Negotiating a Deal: You approach them.

Lecture 3… Negotiating a Deal: After The Deal. Expanding your income.

Each Lecture is $100 or all three for $250. (You must have taken the first two before you can take Lecture 3.)


Step one… Two or three recorded lectures on Teachable, then a scenario assignment that you have to respond to in 48 hours. (We are trying to mimic the experience of you being contacted by someone from Hollywood or a gaming company for your property.)

Step two… We give you a couple more recorded videos explaining why the response.

Step three… Live webinar with Dean and Kris talking about the first step and answering your questions.

Step four… A few more videos on Teachable, then a second scenario assignment dealing with the second step of the negotiations process. Again, we are trying to match real life for you as closely as possible.

Step five… A couple recorded videos and another live webinar with Dean and Kris talking about that step and answering your questions.

Step six… A few more recorded videos on Teachable, then a third scenario assignment dealing with the third step of the negotiations process and what happens if it stretches out over years. Again, we are trying to match real life for you as closely as possible.

Step seven…A few final wrap-up on recorded videos.

So, in summary…

You will get with each lecture about twelve recoded videos and three live webinars. These are about the same length as longer lectures, only with the three webinars. Workshops have about 45 videos, which is why these are lectures.

We must limit this to just ten writers over and above lifetime lecture subscribers. Sorry, just no choice and we are only doing this once this fall. So jump in early to get your spot. 


Lecture 1… Starts October 1st… Webinars are the first, second, and fourth Sundays of the month at 11 a.m. West Coast US time.

Lecture 2… Starts November 12th … Webinars are the 18th, ,25th and December 2nd . 11 a.m. West Coast US time.

Lecture 3… Starts December 3rd The webinars are the next two Sunday mornings and December 30th. 11 a.m. West Coast US time.

All videos will remain on Teachable for review. The webinars will not be recorded.

Each lecture will take you about two hours in the month to watch the videos, three hours total to do the three assignments, and three hours to watch the webinars. So a total over an entire month of eight hours.

Again, this will only be offered this fall and only this once.

We promised new and fun lectures, well, here are three of them. With more coming this fall as more regular lectures.


Simply go onto Teachable and find the three new lectures and sign up. Or if you want all three, there is subscription there for all three to get the discount.

$100 each or all three for $250. Again, lifetime lecture subscribers are automatically enrolled and you can get a lifetime subscription if you want to jump into these and get all the other lectures at the same time.

We must limit this to the first ten outside of the lifetime lecture subscribers to sign up. So don’t delay jumping into these.

You just never know when that phone will ring and you will be facing a movie or gaming deal worth millions if you do it right, a disaster and loss of your property if you do it wrong.

Be ready. A little time and money this fall is a small price to pay to be ready.