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August Workshops Have Started

Almost No One Signed Up…

Clearly the Time of Great Forgetting is still in full force. And since I have done a ton of things today, including working on a couple issues of Pulphouse, some cover stuff for Smith’s Monthly and short stories, and assignments and such, I’m going to be lazy and just put up the listing for the August workshops again.

August Workshops Starting Up!

Including New Attitude in Fiction Workshop…

Class #11… Aug 6th … Endings
Class #12… Aug 6th … Attitude
Class #13… Aug 6th … Time Travel
Class #14… Aug 6th … Speed
Class #15… Aug 6th … Teams in Fiction
Class #16… Aug 7th … Depth in Writing
Class #17… Aug 7th … Writing Westerns
Class #18… Aug 7th … Character Development
Class #19… Aug 7th… Information Flow
Class #20… Aug 7th … Emotion


Attitude is everything in fiction writing. From beating back fears, to taking the courage to try something new, to believing your work is worth publishing. Attitude can help you overcome doubts, believe in yourself on the outside while you doubt everything on the inside.

A good attitude in fiction writing can be learned.

There are also some really bad attitudes in fiction writing, ones that will quickly or eventually kill your writing. This workshop will deal with those as well, give you warning signs.

Mostly this workshop teaches attitude and the confidence it takes to believe in yourself, in your work, and in your future.

This workshop will help you strengthen your good attitudes and kill your bad ones.

In fiction writing, attitude is everything. And you can learn how to have a great attitude with this workshop.

Sign up on Teachable.


  • Kate Pavelle

    You’re killing me, Dean. I’d love to take Attitude, but not the month my youngest is leaving for college 🙂 We are crazy busy on a life roll and if it wasn’t for the Great Challenge, I doubt I’d be getting any words down. I do hope you’ll offer it again!

    • dwsmith

      It will be around for a while. No worries. And have fun with all the crazy life stuff. That life stuff in the summer is what makes the Time of Great Forgetting so powerful.

  • Mark Kuhn

    Hey Dean, I don’t mean to sound untoward, but are there any great Kickstarters coming in the near future?


    • dwsmith

      Yup, there sure are. Pulphouse Subscription Drive later this month and a fantastic fun thing later in the fall.

  • Emilia

    I got into hiking this summer after a trip to Scotland. A chunk of my money is going there (and saving for the Lifetime subscription to all workshops). I think it’ll be good for my writing. Quiraing felt like a high fantasy setting and Old Man of Storr felt like travelling back in time. I want to see other places like that and use them in my writing.

    I’m on a tangent. Attitude sounds like something I should do once I’ve saved for and bought the Lifetime subscription. I have a problem with letting the voices of people who are critical of fantasy elements into my head while writing. ‘Yes, I know the dragon couldn’t possibly exists, but the story’s about a dragon trying to move her hoard to a new cave. No dragon, no story.’

    • J.A. Marlow

      Ignore those stupid voices. If you want dragons, put in dragons! Heck, I write science fiction and I have several species of dragons, including space dragons, lurking about in my various universes. I figure that SOMETHING had to inspire the legends of dragons (not just people finding fossils), so why not creatures that are able to travel between worlds in various ways? I’m doing the same thing with Phoenix and it’s been tremendous fun.

      Ignore the naysayers and keep the fun!