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Myth Lectures

The Sixth Lecture Is Up…

It’s the first one in the Roadblocks bundle. The other four later this week in that bundle.

So here, once again, is all the information about the myth lectures…

Fiction Writing Myths Lecture Series…

The first six lectures on the myths of fiction writing are now available on There will be twenty lectures total, twenty different myths in four different lecture bundles.

This first bundle of five lectures we are calling Creation. There will be three other bundles of five lectures each, totally twenty different lectures of nine or so videos each lecture. (They will appear as I get them recorded.)

In other words, each bundle of five lectures has around 45 videos.

Each lecture will have nine questions we ask about each myth. The nine questions for each myth are:

— What is the origin of the myth?
— How damaging is the myth?
— What is the myth’s relevance to 2019/2020?
— Impact of the myth on selling to magazines and small presses?
— Why do we chose to believe the myth?
— What is the truth about the myth?
— How do you get past the myth?
— What is the future of the myth?
— What are the fears and the impacts of change with the myth?

Each of those questions is a video in each lecture.

Lectures in the first CREATION bundle (available now) are:

1… Writing Fast Equals Writing Poorly
2… Rewriting
3… Writing to Market
4… Only One Way
5… Writing Should Be Hard

Lectures in the ROADBLOCK bundle are:

6… Book as Event (now available)
7… Research
8… Myth of Talent
9… Productivity
10… Bad Story Can Ruin Your Career

Lectures in the coming EXCUSES bundle are:

11… Can’t Make Money From Writing
12… Must Sell Quickly… The Big Hurry
13… Results Addiction
14… Indie is Easy and Low Quality
15… Books as Produce

Lectures in the coming FEAR bundle are:

16… Everyone Cares Myth
17… Writers Compete
18… Rejections/reviews/workshops
19… Agents Sell Books Overseas or Hollywood
20… Pen Names

You want to move forward with your writing, enjoy it more, then you need to get past the myths you may not even realize you are holding onto. So for the first time, Kris and I have put the top twenty fiction writing myths into twenty lectures.

They can only be bought in bundles of five because each bundle’s lectures build. Each lecture would normally be a $50 lecture, but we are pricing these bundles at $200 to give one lecture for free in each bundle.

We hope to put out a new five-lecture bundle every week for the next three weeks. 

And everyone who is a Lifetime Lecture Subscriber will get these automatically. So if you want all twenty lectures and all the other lectures as well, your best bet is to grab the Lifetime Lecture Subscription.

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