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It Is August…

Time to Return From The Land of Great Forgetting…

There are numbers of ways to return.

For example, a couple writers from the same city just jumped onto the Great Challenge to write a short story per week and push each other. That’s a cool idea. Not only do you get finished stories, but with two writers pushing each other, you have even more chance of making it through and ending up with a large number of finished short stories and lifetime subscriptions.

And yes, lots of room in both novel and short story challenges. About half of those in the novel challenge have dropped away and a third of the short story challenge writers have missed. So lots of room if interested. Just sign up on teachable.

And seventeen different short story prompts there to help you as well. I add a new one every week.

Another way to get your mind back from the Time of Great Forgetting is to take a workshop. We have a workshop starting on Tuesday that a lot of people once said they wanted to take. Attitude.

That’s right, the Attitude in Writing workshop is starting in two days and besides the Lifetime Workshop Subscribers, only two people are signed up. That’s what I get for starting it in August. (grin)

Full list of August workshops that are starting below. Check them on Teachable.

Another way to work yourself back into writing after a long few months of doing other things is the Flash Fiction Pop-Up. That is now available either directly, or in the 5 Pop-Up bundle or the 11-20 Pop-Up Bundle. And you guessed it, the story prompt is to write a flash fiction short story. But limited time on this one.

That is also on Teachable.

And one more suggestion that might help. If critical voice is tearing you apart, stopping you from getting back to having fun, then maybe a few of the myths have come back in. Right now we are doing a four-part, five-lecture-per-part series about myths of writing.

The Creation and the Roadblocks bundle of five myths each are now available. Only one myth is in the Roadblocks so far, but the other four will be there in the next week or so. These are five lectures per bundle. And yes, they are in the Lifetime Lecture Subscription. All twenty myth lectures will be when finished.

Also on Teachable.

So that is some suggestions to help you rejoin the writing world after spending the summer on all the other things that took your attention. Welcome back.

August Workshops Starting Up!

Including New Attitude in Fiction Workshop…

Class #11… Aug 6th … Endings
Class #12… Aug 6th … Attitude
Class #13… Aug 6th … Time Travel
Class #14… Aug 6th … Speed
Class #15… Aug 6th … Teams in Fiction
Class #16… Aug 7th … Depth in Writing
Class #17… Aug 7th … Writing Westerns
Class #18… Aug 7th … Character Development
Class #19… Aug 7thh… Information Flow
Class #20… Aug 7th … Emotion


Attitude is everything in fiction writing. From beating back fears, to taking the courage to try something new, to believing your work is worth publishing. Attitude can help you overcome doubts, believe in yourself on the outside while you doubt everything on the inside.

A good attitude in fiction writing can be learned.

There are also some really bad attitudes in fiction writing, ones that will quickly or eventually kill your writing. This workshop will deal with those as well, give you warning signs.

Mostly this workshop teaches attitude and the confidence it takes to believe in yourself, in your work, and in your future.

This workshop will help you strengthen your good attitudes and kill your bad ones.

In fiction writing, attitude is everything. And you can learn how to have a great attitude with this workshop.

Sign up on Teachable.


  • James Palmer

    I don’t have time for forgetting. I’m too busy planning for Dragon Con, finishing up a ghostwriting project and working on a space opera novella I’m going to serialize on my blog. And you’ll love this part: I didn’t outline any of it!

    • Finn

      Would absolutly love to participate in the Short Story Challenge. Sadly, English is not my mother tongue. Just can write in german.
      If I would decide to take the Challenge anyways, I consantly would look up words. Or maybe all this is just Critical Voice coming up with excuses…

      • dwsmith

        Have you tried just writing a story a week in German, seeing if it is critical voice or even possible for you to do? Might be a fun experiment. I don’t read German I’m afraid, but never hurts to challenge yourself at times. (grin)

  • Kessie

    I’ve written 9 stories this year: 3 novels, 2 novellas, and a couple of short stories. Each one was written completely into the dark and just took the length they wanted. There is no time of great forgetting for me. 🙂 And that’s with a fairly busy life and six kids, so if I can do it, anybody can.