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At the Run

Talked with Donny Osmond for a Short Moment…

About 22 or more years ago, he and I started to write a novel together. It was set up by Tekno Books and was to be a thriller. I spent a couple days on it, writing about 15,000 words and an outline, I don’t think Donny spent more than thirty minutes on it, twice talking with me on the phone. I remember vaguely that he liked it and that it would be fun.

New York killed it.

22 or 23 years ago. So I barely remembered details of it and he didn’t remember it at all, which I didn’t expect him to. One of the many projects that flash through our lives. I don’t remember most books I have written completely, to be honest. Only reason I remember it at all was his first call to me was while I was driving and I ended up parked talking with him about the project in a restaurant parking lot with people staring at me. That I do remember. (grin)

So talked with him for a little bit about it this morning. Fun.

The run was also fun, but cold considering we are coming out of the summer and not acclimated to the 55 degree temps. And I am still far, far too heavy to be running too much on bad knees, so did a lot of run/walking.

Here are some pictures of Kris and I, first one getting ready at sunrise in our place and then before the run.

And one of Kris after the run…