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Almost to Stretch Goal

Just Slightly Over Halfway Done…

Almost to the first stretch goal. And I think we can hit two or three more stretch goals if things go well. That would be fantastic fun.

Of course, getting 35 original holiday stories delivered to you for every day of the holiday season is pretty darned cool as it is.

And there are great writer workshop rewards in this one, all the way from lectures to lifetime subscriptions and even one mentorship with me for a year. And you still get the 35 stories plus a brand new Kristine Grayson holiday novel.

So check it out at WMG Holiday Spectacular on Kickstarter.

And if you want to be a part of this and don’t want to go through Kickstarter, just write me directly.

And if you want to hear Kris explain this all, click the video below.


  • Michelle

    Dean, are my cloudy eyes deceiving me or is there no blog post for 13 October?
    I’m… kinda speechless here.

    • dwsmith

      Nope, it’s there, just dated the 14th because I did it after midnight. But thanks for worrying. (grin) Still on track after all these years of daily blog posts.

  • E. R. Paskey

    So excited this has funded; hoping it makes it to a few stretch goals. Looking forward to reading all those stories!

    On a side note, I don’t think my emails are getting through. I’ve been trying to send you a workshop assignment since Friday, and I suspect it’s disappearing into a black hole. 😛

  • Emilia

    I clicked to see how the WMG Holiday Spectacular 2019 is doing and you’ve got 100 backers. Congratulations!