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Today Almost All Travel…

And I managed it just fine with help from Kris and Allyson and Kevin Anderson and then Mark Lesley helping me not trip on anything on the way back from dinner once I arrived.

Kris got me to the Vegas airport and I flew first class to Denver, which helped with getting on the plane at my own pace.

Then when I got off the plane in Denver, Allyson on the phone helped me find my next gate and get me to it in plenty of time. Signs are still tough to read.

In Colorado Springs Kevin J, Anderson and Rebecca Modesto picked me up and got me to the right place in the hotel and it was a really fun ride with them. Old friends for as long as I have known Kris. And if you haven’t checked out Kevin’s new Kickstarter, going now, you should. Fun stuff and great reading and he knows how to put a kickstarter together. In fact, he and I are on a Kickstarter panel on Thursday I think.

So then a really fun and loud and great time and drinks at a German pub. Johnathan Mayberry and I talked Pulps and pulp writers and Mark Leslie got me back to the hotel without me falling flat on my face over some curb.

So a wonderful and uneventful trip here this time with lots of high-powered help for my bum vision issues from Kris and other great friends. I am so lucky,

Going to be a fun week and I plan on learning a ton.


  • F.I. Goldhaber

    Dean, in case you (or anyone else with low vision) ever end up in a space when you’re alone (such as in your hotel room) and need a bit of assistance, you might to install the app on your phone. It connects you with a volunteer who can look through your phone camera to answer any question, from “do my socks match?” to “what does this sign say?” to “how do I turn the heat on? etc.