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February Workshops All Started…

A Couple A Day Early…

All six regular workshops for February have started. Plus each month we will bring back to Regular Status one or two Classic Workshops. We have no schedule on when any of them will come forward. We will just decide each month.

Here is the list of February Regular workshops plus the two resurrected classics, now available on Teachable.

Note: Covers101 and Power Words are the RESURRECTED CLASSIC WORKSHOPS. They will only be available as a regular workshop for this one month, so don’t miss them if you want responses to assignments. Otherwise they will just remain as Classic Workshops.

Class #11… Feb 7th … Covers101
Class #14… Feb 7th … Writing into the Dark
Class #15… Feb 7th … Teams in Fiction
Class #16…Feb 8th … Depth in Writing
Class #17…Feb 8th … Applied Depth
Class #18… Feb 8th …Advanced Depth
Class #19… Feb 8th …Power Words
Class #20… Feb 8th …Killing Critical Voice

Another workshop that has started is the Special Fey Workshop.

I have sent all the backers who got it in the first Fey Kickstarter and the Second Fey Kickstarter. (The emails will be coming from the email address you use for Kickstarter, so please check that and your spam filter and if not there, then write me.)

This is basically learning about publishing and writing through difficulties. There are no assignments but it is six weeks long, focused around the eleven videos that Kris recorded in The Writing of the Fey.

For example, in the first week that has started (and yes, you can buy it on Teachable,) Kris has two videos and I add seven more videos, expanding on points she is making in her two. Each week for six weeks it will be like that. A ton of information, suggestions on how to survive tough times, and how to approach your writing now. Might be one of the most important classes we do. Again, no homework, just learning.

So some great learning starting this week. Don’t miss it.

And for a list of all workshops that don’t have schedules, go to Every class and workshop there is linked to the class on Teachable.