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7:30 AM… Mountain Time

Had Breakfast with Todd McCaffery…

Realize that is 6:30 my time and I normally go to bed at 3 am or after, so it was brutal.

Tomorrow breakfast at 7:30 am again, this time with Allyson, then I am on a estate planning panel and then in the afternoon I do an hour-plus talk on licensing your IP. That should be fun. I think I hurt a few writer’s heads today in my editing talk for the modern world. But I had fun. (Grin)

This evening a mind-bending dinner with Joanna Penn, Mark Leslie, and Kevin J. Anderson. Really fun learning with really wonderful people. After a book signing, it was out into the snow to a brewpub and more food with all kinds of writers, including Damon from Bookfunnel.

So a great day and tomorrow everything starts. (Today was just craft day.)

More reports from Superstars later.  Now I must go crash… Night…


  • Susan Agee

    Hi, Dean.
    I’ve been reading your Magic Bakery book for the second time through and just read the part about you having to fill your bakery again in your 60s. I am 60 and am going to do the same, so I appreciate the evidence that it can be done! I still have a day job, but have it down pretty well at this point, so hoping to sneak in some writing project time.
    Anyway, thanks again and hope you enjoyed that dinner with your writing buddies. Joanna Penn is how I discovered you, and y’all (I’m from Memphis) are my heroes!

    Take care,