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Sort of…

Did a lot of email this morning, drove to the other side of town and got steps in the Orleans Casino trying to find where to pick up packets for this weekend’s charity run. Wait until you see the pictures Kris takes. This is the lights run through a forest of holiday lights. Every year it sets off our season.

Got home right about the time Kris did from the University, and we haded off to the Wynn Buffet for one of the most amazing dinners I have had in a long time. Kris had the chef come and walk her through the entire buffet (it is huge) telling her what she was safe (or not safe) to eat. I had two full plates of meet and shrimp and crab and then too many deserts.

Stuffed, but pleasantly so. Fantastic food.

Came home and tossed out all remaining snacks, since tomorrow I go on very reduced calories and a lot of exercise and water.

Then after watching an hour of television with Kris, I came up here and put together an entire issue of Smith’s Monthly and got it turned in for copyediting.

Tomorrow I start on the collection classes, working on them every night until I have them all up for 2023.

So I intended to take a day off today, and I guess, considering how much I normally do, it was.