Another Friday…

Of Doing Next To Nothing…

And feeling fine about that, actually. Sometimes you just have to take some time off.

So I did very little email. I watched a lot of news coverage about the fires in Oregon.

And for the first time in weeks, I allowed myself to sleep in. And then I took a nap, actually two of them.

I went out and got us lunch from one of our favorite restaurants and brought it back (we don’t eat in restaurants at this point, just take-out).

I did a bunch of organizing of files in the new office, seeing what it will be like to work my way through the 400 or so filing boxes there to get them in order and toss a ton of stuff away.

Kris went out and got us dinner while I took my second nap. Then we binged on a fun show for a few hours, then I came in here to do this blog.

Never would be here typing this silliness if not for the blog streak of 2,962 straight days of blogging without missing.

So the power of a streak like that gets you all some good blogs and then some nothing-to-say blogs like this one.

So I did nothing much of anything for an entire day to rest and still managed to write 225 words about it.


  • James Mendur

    Actually, I kinda like blog entries like this. A slice of life of a writer/publisher.

    To quote “Babylon 5”: Not every conversation has to be the end of the world as we know it.

    I *would* like to know which TV show you think is fun.

  • Dave Raines

    I like your “nothing blogs.” Shows the complete picture–the writer’s life is not all glory and glamour, it seems!

  • Annie Reed

    We haven’t eaten in a restaurant since the middle of March. We get takeout from local restaurants we want to support, but I’m not eating out anywhere around here. The risk/benefit analysis says it’s not worth it.