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Special Workshop…

Only Through A Kickstarter…

A special three-week workshop through a very, very special Kickstarter campaign put on by great editor and writer, Mark Leslie for his Obsessions Anthology. Feed the Obsession Kickstarter campaign.

Kris and I both have original stories in this anthology, along with some other fantastic writers. And since the object of this campaign is an anthology called Obsessions, we offered to do (just for the Kickstarter campaign) a special three-week workshop.

Exclusive 3 Week Horror Fiction Workshop
“How to Write an Obsession Story (That people want to read.)” Or “How to Write a Horror Short Story.”

The reason this is exclusive is because you can only sign up for it through the Feed the Obsession Kickstarter Campaign. It is $150 US ($201 Canadian). You will never be able to sign up for it again.

You will have the chance to take it for three weeks (about 3 hours a week, plus writing a short story the last week) starting Tuesday, October 6th or Tuesday November 10th. Your choice.

And even if you don’t want to take the workshop, support this campaign. It’s a great one. And read an original Bryant Street story from me.

Feed the Obsession Kickstarter Campaign.