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Alive and Still Moving…

Wonderful Dinner…

At Resorts World (location of the anthology workshop in July) with Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta. Anf, of course, Kris. My first real outing.

Back with the doc tomorrow to see how things are going and to start PT on my new artificial shoulder.

I learned tonight that in the hospital the first time and other times along the way someone would look at my age and ask Kris if I could stand, did a I fall trying to get the remote or something like that, and she would have to tell them over and over that I tripped and fell running full speed in a 5K run. Always surprised them, which I guess is a sad comment on our society.

Anyhow, felt great to be out and have a great dinner with two close friends. Thanks Kev, Rebecca, for the great meal. Wonderful fun.  Picture below…


  • Dave Raines

    And it’s fun to see pictures and stories of the writers you attract to town, and recognize many of them from anthology workshops. Thanks for your dedication to this blog!

  • Desikan

    Hi Dean,
    Great to see you going out and hanging out with friends. Good going.

    On the age/society part, you are a great reference point for me. Until I connected here, based on what I had seen of people around me, assumed that people cant walk long distance(forget running) after an age. But you just blew that reference away with your running pics.

    I have now promised myself to stay fit and keep moving without putting any limitations in my mind. Thanks for being the source of inspiration.