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November Workshops All Started Today..

A Large List Of Classes Starting…

While a half-price sale is going on.

First, the brand new 9-week Indie Writers Guide to Shopify class with webinars is starting. Even if you aren’t planning your own store yet, you will be happy to have this class.

TWO (2) Advanced Craft Workshops starting. UNPUTDOWNABLE Advance Craft and also ADVANCED VOICE.  Both are 9 weeks long. Have some of the regular craft workshops under your belt before you try these.

Your can also get the bundles for all six first year Advanced Craft and also a bundle for all six 2024 Advanced Craft classes.

FOUR (4) different collection classes are starting. (The ones that say November/December in the title.) In nine weeks you will have a collection published as well as writing all five new stories for the collection. The classes are great fun.

SEVEN (7) Regular six-week workshops have started,

  • #43… Nov 7th… Magic Bakery (last month for this class)
  • #44… Nov 7th… Writing into the Dark
  • #45… Nov 7th… Teams in Fiction
  • #46…Nov 8th… Writing with Depth (start with this one)
  • #48…Nov 8th… Killing the Critical Voice
  • #49…Nov 8th… Applied Depth
  • #50…Nov 8th… Advanced Depth

Everything on WMGTeachable is 50% off. Everything for a few more days.  Includes all the lifetime subscriptions and challenges.

To get 50% off, simply hit purchase on the class or workshop you want to take, then on the next page put in the code and hit apply and you will get the class or workshop or whatever for 50% off.

Code is:


Any problems or questions, feel free to write me.