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Monday Morning Classes…

Opinions Needed…

Every Monday morning four videos in three classes appear. THE DECADE AHEAD, BITE-SIZED COPYRIGHT, and FLASH TECHNIQUES.  All three of these are ending the last Monday in December. Of course, you can still get all three in the sale and go over them at your own pace.

But thinking about for 2024 doing the four videos on Monday morning MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY. All different from the 2022 list (which you can also still get in the sale for half price.)

I really liked doing the Motivational Mondays with the “Pithy Comment” each week.

Any interest? (I won’t hold you to it.) If so I will add Motivational Monday before this sale is done so it can be grabbed at half price.

Or if you have an idea for that Monday time slot, write me or put it in the comments.

So now to the 50% off sale information…

Just Three Days Left!!!

Everything on WMGTeachable is 50% off. Everything. And below are some really cool new workshops, plus the list of the November Regular Workshops.

To get 50% off, simply hit purchase on the class or workshop you want to take, then on the next page put in the code and hit apply and you will get the class or workshop or whatever for 50% off.

Code is:


Any problems or questions, feel free to write me.

New Classes!!

Indie Writer’s Guide to Shopify Class…

Two nine-week workshops with webinars each week.

As Indie Writers/Publishers more and more are turning to direct sales through their websites, it has become clear over the last numbers of years that many fear the task of setting up their own store.

Because of this fear, it seems that a few indie publishers have moved forward with this, but very few.

So Kris and I have, through a lot of work on our own Shopify stores and with the help of WMG’s own Shopify expert Stephanie Writt, designed these two classes to detail out, step-by-step, the process from figuring out what to sell to figuring out how to sell and deliver it all easily.

You can get both parts bundled together and then in the sale half price. 

Join us. Going to be great fun.

Flash Techniques…

That’s right, in the exact same structure of four videos every Monday morning of the Bite-Sized Copyright and Decade Ahead classes, every Monday morning Kris and I will focus on one Writing Craft Technique and talk about it for four videos.

The class started in October but we are only four weeks in. Jump in now. This class is 13 weeks long. You will get four videos every Monday morning. No assignments. What a great way to sharpen your craft skills in the last quarter of the year. Some techniques you might sort of know, others you will never have heard of.


The 2023 Advanced Craft workshops are scheduled in 2024 and put into the 2023 bundle.  There is also a 2024 Advanced Craft bundle with the six classes in it. And they are great ones.

Other sessions will be added through 2024 in case you miss one, and 2023 and 2024 classes will repeat in 2025. So you can get the 2023 Bundle of Six Classes or the 2024 Bundle of Six Classes all at a discount of getting six for the price of five. (And with the half-price sale a real bargain.)

2023 Advanced Craft Classes are:

  • Advanced Pacing
  • Advanced Character
  • Floating Viewpoints
  • Advanced Voice
  • Advanced Conflict
  • Unputdownable

New 2024 Advanced Craft Classes are:

  • Advanced Dialog
  • Advanced Humor (Yes, we are doing it.)
  • Advanced Endings
  • Advanced Information Flow
  • Advanced Genre
  • Advanced Emotion

— And four new collections workshops starting this month as well. They are great fun.

— November regular workshops starting November 7th and 8th.

Lifetime subscribers, if you want to take a regular workshop to do assignments, just write me and ask for the code and I will fire it to you.

(And wow are the Everything Lifetime Subscribers making out… All this is in your subscription already.)

And yes, Lifetime Everything and Workshops and Pop-ups and Lectures are all available in the sale. Write me with any questions.)

  • #43… Nov 7th… Magic Bakery
  • #44… Nov 7th… Writing into the Dark
  • #45… Nov 7th… Teams in Fiction
  • #46…Nov 8th… Writing with Depth (start with this one)
  • #48…Nov 8th… Killing the Critical Voice
  • #49…Nov 8th… Applied Depth
  • #50…Nov 8th… Advanced Depth

Again, everything on WMGTeachable is 50% off. Everything.

To get 50% off, simply hit purchase on the class or workshop you want to take, then on the next page put in the code and hit apply and you will get the class or workshop or whatever for 50% off.

Code is:


Any problems or questions, feel free to write me.



  • Diane Wordsworth

    I think if *you* have fun doing MOTIVATIONAL MONDAYS and enjoy the pithy comments, then go for it. You have to have fun too. Those are the only ones I’ve seen, and still watch, so I don’t know about the others.

    Maybe a practical prompts type of video every week would be useful? Like, if you only do one thing this week, do this? Something that will age well? It can be creative or businessy, depending on the time of month/year.

    Will the in-person/study-alongs be continued? As a lifetime study-along member, I’m very interested in these.

  • Aniket Gore

    I love reading Kris’s reccomendation for the books she is reading and what ticks for her in those books. Maybe something on that?

  • Kat Faitour

    As someone who has taken the previous edition of Motivational Monday, I can highly, highly recommend. It’s packed full of wisdom from career authors, which is to say it has priceless advice.

    I’m not sure there are many sources out there for guidance from authors who have been in the game, making a living out of it, for DECADES, not just a few years (and are indie). I really can’t overstate the value of that concept.

  • Jeremy Bouma

    I have always enjoyed your insights and inspiration at the beginning of every week! I have actually been going back through the original Motivational Mondays during my 6:30 a.m. run in addition to enjoying decade ahead series. So I would love another set of those for the new year 🙂

    BUT I had also meant to email you to suggest turning the flash techniques into the same sort of weekly thing. I have so enjoyed the ones so far, and think the format could work for a year-long inspiring series as well. Maybe both craft / writing plus business techniques?

    Anyway, happy to hear you are looking for another year long motivational series for us!

  • A. J. Payler

    As someone who subscribed to all four quarters of Motivational Mondays 2022, I highly recommmend it. Great stuff, a good kick in the pants to start the week off right.

  • Mary Jo Rabe

    I loved the Motivational Mondays and would subscribe to new ones immediately. The posts were such an encouraging greeting to begin the week with, and I saved all the pithy comments.

  • Kate Pavelle

    The Monday classes are all a good way to start the week, reboot a little, and put a thing or two on the to-do list (update inventory and such.) I suspect I will end up taking the new Motivational Monday later, maybe the summer to remind me to keep writing as the weather gets good.

  • heather hatch

    Yes for doing Motivational Monday.
    Especially if its ok once in a while to email a problem we’re having or a question- which you might or might not, give thoughts on later.
    I am going to buy the last quarter of ’22.
    I was just listening to the 3rd quarter of ’22, where a bunch of times, , you said some random things I havent heard in a workshop that gave me new tools, or zapped my critical voice a big one.
    Yay for mind-changing moments!