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Aces Game Tonight…

Way Too Much Fun…

Even with the Aces being tired and sloppy after a long road trip, they still pulled out a win. That was win #31, the most ever in any season by a WMBA team. We got playoff tickets today as well. That should be great fun.

Here are some pictures from the game. Kris will have more tomorrow on her Facebook page, as normal.


  • Mark Kuhn

    The WNBA is having a great season. I can’t get enough of it, personnally.
    With all due respect, however, the road to the WNBA Championship goes through New York.

    • dwsmith

      LOL… Pretty New York confident considering the ACES are the defending national champions and have the best record of any team ever in the WMBA this year. But zero doubt that the playoffs will be great fun. And likely New York will meet Vegas in the finals, since both are leading their divisions. That’s why we have playoff tickets.

      • Mark Kuhn

        This is going to be a blast for sure.
        And I just read today that the ladies pro hockey league is getting new ownership and big sponsors. Not sure if you’re a hockey fan, but that is great news.

        • dwsmith

          Hockey? Let me think… The Stanley Cup is sitting somewhere here in town because of the Golden Knights.

          Tough not to follow hockey when the Knights are everywhere. We are even doing a charity run for one of the Knights major charities this fall called the Day and Knight. One 5K in the morning, another longer one in the afternoon the length of the F1 race lap.